Brass Stacker Mosin Nagant M9130, M9159 Go Low Scout Scope Mount

Brass Stacker Mosin Nagant M9130, M9159 Go Low Scout Scope Mount
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Brass Stacker Mosin Nagant M9130, M9159 Go Low Scout Scope Mount

  • Dovetail Scout Mount for Long Eye Relief (LER) optics on the Mosin Nagant M91/30
  • Lowest profile with all steel construction and NO permanent modification required
  • Ideal for ProMag™ Industries / Archangel™ Manufacturing OPFOR® AA9130 stock
  • Locking tapered fitment to the M91/30 barrel dovetail (under rear sight block)
  • Dual jam screws & lateral cross bolts provide triple redundant attachment
  • MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny Rail with “yaw” adjustment for barrel dovetail lead off
  • Made in America with a 100% Lifetime Warranty

The Mosin Nagant rifle is more than likely one of the last of the affordable military surplus rifles which are readily available in today’s continually evolving market. The rifle is well-known for being chambered in 7.62 X 54 R, a cartridge that possesses similar properties much like the 308 Winchester or American 50-06 Springfield, which makes it perfect for long range shooting and hunting respectively. These two key facts and the Mosin Nagant’s legendary ruggedness make it an ideal rifle for hunters or shooters that are budget conscious. The only thing that is really needed is a proper and high-quality scope mount.

Mounting a scope on to your Mosin Nagant may not always be as simple as mounting one on to other types of commercial rifles. The Mosin Nagant was originally intended to be a soldier’s rifle for purely long range engagements where open sights would be used. These rifles were originally equipped with what is known as a bent bolt which is something that can still be discovered on many modern hunting rifles, unlike the regular Mosin Nagant (which is now known to utilize a straight bolt). The design of straight bolt was used on the Mosin Nagant’s to allow a soldier a relatively quick rate of fire. The only downside to this straight bolt is that it will not work with modern receiver mounted scopes.

However, the fine individuals at popular brand Brass Stacker have offered yet another fantastic and more sensible choice for your Mosin Nagant, the Go Low Scout Scope Mount.

The Go Low Scout Scope Mount is able to provide for the mounting of a long eye relief (LER) optics or scout scope to the Mosin Nagant M91/30 rifle while avoiding the need to necessarily  drill and tap the receiver in order to make any permanent modifications to your firearm. The mount itself has been specifically designed to replace the Mosin Nagant’s rear sight block of the M91/30 and is capable of fitting to Russian/Soviet M9130, M9159. It’s also important to mention that this product does not include rings or scope. The Go Low Scout Scope Mount and the MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny 8" rail are robust with rigid steel construction. And let’s not forget the visually appealing Black Oxide finish and the mount’s generous 100% lifetime warranty!

If you as a shooter would like to preserve the Mosin Nagant’s appearance as much as physically possible without removing rear sights, cutting the bolt handles, or perhaps performing much drilling or tapping, then the Brass Stacker’s Go Low Scout Scope Mount may be your next best option. The Brass Stacker Go Low Scout Scope Mount can be effortlessly installed by simply removing the two pins that are located in the rear sight before replacing them with the mount’s attachment pins. This provides you as the shooter the overall ability to revert your rifle back to its very own original glory if you ever desired to do so and also allows the existing iron sights to be utilized as backup sights if the scope should ever fail for any type of  reason.


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