Syrac Ordnance AR-15 Low Pro Fully Adjustable Gas Piston System

Syrac Ordnance AR-15 Low Pro Fully Adjustable Gas Piston System
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Syrac Ordnance AR-15 Low Pro Fully Adjustable Gas Piston System

Here is Syrac Ordnance Low Pro Fully Adjustable Retro Fit Gas Piston System designed for AR15 platform. This piston system has been introduced to replace the standard AR15 impingement gas system. It doesn’t blow burnt carbon into the upper receiver Group and hence makes the rifle run cleaner. It is a low profile gas piston that can fit under most handguards available in the market today.

The Syrac Ordnance piston system is very easy to operate. It comes with a gas adjustment screw that can be accessed through an Allen Key from the front of the gas block. The Allen Key is included in the kit. The gas key can be locked into position through click adjustment. As a user you can control the amount of gas that enters the system. This is achieved with the help of the gas adjustment screw which reduces recoiling.
The Syrac Ordnance piston system enables the users to fine tune the rifle based on the type of ammo being used. The users also the get the option to completely turn the gas off which prevents the rifle from cycling.

The Syrac Ordnance piston system is easy to maintain. All the parts including the gas screw can be removed and cleaned separately.

Specifications of the Syrac Ordnance piston system
Syrac Ordnance system is available in varying gas length like pistol, carbine, mid length or rifle length. Its barrel diameter is 0.750”. It is a lightweight device. The carrier body and key come in a single solid piece. The skis are present on the back of the carrier. The gas block attachment type is clamp-on.

The Syrac ordnance piston system comes with a one piece carrier and an L-shaped Hex Key. This tool helps in adjusting the gas screw and removing or installing the gas block plug.

Is you are looking for a cleaner, lighter and easy maintenance gas piston system, Syrac Ordnance is just right for you.


  • Firearm Type: AR15
  • Available Gas Length: Pistol, Carbine, Mid Length or Rifle Length
  • Barrel Diameter: 0.750"
  • Weight:
    • Carbine 12.8 oz.
    • Mid 13.1 oz.
    • Rifle 13.1 oz.
    • Pistol 13.3 oz.
  • Bolt Carrier: Carrier body and key are one solid piece. Skis on the back of carrier.
  • Gas Block Attachment Type: Clamp-on
  • Gas Adjustment: Front of gas block


  • Piston System w/ one piece carrier (key is integral to carrier)
  • (1) 7/64" X 6" L-shaped Hex Key (tool to adjust gas screw and remove/install gas block plug)

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