ERGO F93 PRO AR-15 Stock - 8 position collapsible

ERGO F93 PRO AR-15 Stock - 8 position collapsible

The extra long ERGO F93 PRO Stock 8 position collapsible AR-15 Stock from Falcon Industries

Previously known as M93 (when produced by Magpul), the rights to manufacture this highly adaptable and tremendously admired stock was purchased by ERGO.  The F93 has been enhanced by making use of a standard carbine receiver end plate and castle nut that enables high level of flexibility with single point sling plates and adaptors.

USP – Extended Length

The buffer tube is fully enclosed and that ensures fixed cheek support. With 8 positions of collapsibility for AR type rifles, the stock offers extra long pull. In fact it offers one of the longest length of pull in the market along with a fixed cheek piece for a constant and a repeatable cheek weld in any of the 8 positions. The molded carbine length buffer tube system is particular to the F93 stock.

Ease of Use and Reduced Recoil

Recoil is considerably reduced as the stock locks itself on to the sides of the buffer tube giving the user a fixed stock experience. The buffer tube also comes with a bottom rail which can be used with included preset inserts. It enables quick changeover to your custom presets. The stock comes with a recoil pad that ensures ease of use and provides ample security and positive placement.

The sling plate

The sling plate is ambidextrous and comprises of 2 sling attachment points that enable rapid detachment. It also contains 3 web sling attachment points and 2 sling hooks. The wave like pattern ensures that the stock ratchets to the rear.


The stock is about 8 inches in length from the receiver to the butt plate in the collapsed position and about 12 inches in the extended position. It is considerably light as it weighs only about 1.3 pounds. The F93 Strike Plate is also available. Manufactured by the Falcon Industries (Ergo Grip) in the United States, the stock comes only in Black colour.


  • Eight position collapsible stock for AR style rifles provides one of the longest length of pull on the market with a fixed cheek piece for a constant and repeatable cheek weld in any of the eight stock positions.
  • Once the butt is locked into position, the F93 has the feel of a fixed stock without the rattling and movement shooters are used to.
  • Includes an over molded carbine length buffer tube, standard castle nut and ambidextrous sling plate.
  • Includes rubber-like recoil pad for enhanced comfort and secure, positive placement.
  • Includes 2 quick detach sling attachment points, 3 web sling attachment points and 2 sling hook attachment points.
  • 8 inches from receiver to butt plate when collapsed, 12 inches when fully extended.
  • Weight is only 1.3 pounds.
  • F93 Strike Plate available
  • Wave-like pattern allows the AR-15 stock to ratchet rearward.


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Customer Reviews

Ok, so this stock is not the lightest stock. That being said, if you are not humping your rifle for miles, or engaging in tactical situations that require fast movement and weight reduction, then this thing is MacDaddy! Once you engage the lock, this stock feels like a one piece stock. Rock solid, and top notch construction. An additional nice feature are the two quick detach points are a nice feature as well. Highly recommended... Only reason for 4stars is due to weight

Like this stock a lot Looks great feels great. extends about another inch past the standard m4 style stock tons of adjustments in between, Feels heaver than then most but it also has a lot of stuff built in.

I am tall and have long arms so the extra length this adjustable stock provides is great. It locks up very tight with no wobble or noise. A very nice upgrade over the standard adjustable stocks.

I own the M93 and love it. You can no longer buy the M93 new, so your next best bet is the F93. I have compared them side-side and believe they are using the same molds/dies that have been modified slightly to remove previous logos.


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(average out of 292 votes: 3.5 stars)

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