Streamlight ProTac

It seems that flashlights that are powered by a single AAA battery have become a significantly great interest to many shooters and hunters lately. With a single AAA battery powered flashlight, you are no doubt going to get something that is small and lightweight but most of all it needs to be reliable. Well, with the Streamlight ProTac, that is precisely what you can expect!

At first glance, the most obvious thing you will notice about the Streamlight ProTac is its overall size; this is more than likely the most obvious thing that sets this particular flashlight apart from all the other tactical handheld flashlights. The Streamlight ProTac ever so slightly longer than 4 inches in length and weighs a featherweight 2.3 ounces and uses the power of a single AA battery, what more could you possibly ask for? Streamlight has taken advantage of LED technology within their ProTac flashlight to produce an incredibly bright white light from such a tiny product.


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