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Mossberg 500 Stocks Overview

The Mossberg 500 is such a powerful shotgun that its recoil can be more than most operators and weapon parts can handle. Recoil is the main reason why weapon break apart and that is doubly true for shotguns. Parts of the weapon break and steadily your whole gun is useless in the end. This can only be prevented by using high quality parts, designed to absorb recoil and to take it away from the more sensitive gadgets. The Mossberg’s stock is one of the most important parts to use to absorb the recoil.

Our Mossberg 500 stocks are made just for that purpose; to offer better operator control and to keep recoil away from the weapon’s sensitive parts. Our stocks are designed to be comfortable and are made from durable materials that can take any shock easily. We have a wide variety of stocks and pistol grips to choose from, depending on your style preferences and the utility you need it for. Check out our inventory and find the stock that will turn your Mossberg into a better, meaner weapon. Order now and you won’t regret it a bit!

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