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If you are looking for weapon sights of a whole new level then you are in the right place. We all know how important it is to have superior visibility and aiming to the enemy. Sights are probably the most important accessory when it comes to improving aim and distance of vision. EOTech's sights aren't just any plain old vision enhancers though. First of all they have 20 different brightness setting. They can be easily switched, so whether you are in broad daylight or twilight there will always be perfect visibility for you. The EOTech sight will also warn you when its battery gets low. All the electronics are secured within a resin casing, so no amount of abuse can break them down.

That is not all though! The EOTech sight has even more to offer. You know those terrible operations where you just can't keep the mud off your weapon or the snow as a matter of fact? We usually give up on our weapon sights by then, but not with EOTech. These babies will work just as fine as long as only a tiny fraction of the lens is clean. The same goes for glass fractures. The EOTech sights offer the same standard of visibility no matter from which point or angle you view through them. Get your own soon and start seeing the world through a new sight!

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