EOTech 512

EOTech 512 Overview

Fast and effective CQB is the dream of many agencies, when it comes to equipping their operators with the right weapons and accessories. Yet in today’s crime scenes and operations any old equipment won’t cut it anymore. One must be better prepared than the opposition and that can only be achieved with superior technology. This is where the EOTech 512 comes in, one of the most popular items of the company that is slowly turning into a buyer’s favorite. And why not?

The design is both effective and streamlined. The glass of the lens is shatterproof and the sight offers twenty different brightness setting. This means it can be used just as well in twilight and bright sunlight, including anything in between. The electronics are well protected from any damage by a special casing. The EOTech 512 can be easily adjusted onto your military spec Picatinny rail. It is pretty light at only 10.9 oz (309 grams). The sight allows for a 30 yard field of view at a 4 inches eye relief. The eye relief is unlimited and can be set at your preferences. You won’t regret owning one of these babies, like so many customers around the world haven’t. So get your own EOTech 512 soon and stay ahead of your game.

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